Perth, W. Australia – Textile Artist / Agent

With a wealth of knowledge in design, development, production, manufacturing processes, and even branding, working with Jennifer Gaye can make your selection and direction much easier.

Textile designs, design, promotion, design direction, representation, consulting, wholesale, retail, accessories, product development, brand development, Creative direction…ideas and collaborations.

The best in BANSHU-ORI High quality Japanese Fashion Textiles, Japanese Upholstery textiles, Textiles accessories, bags & accessories…

Expect to have a wealth of industry knowledge shared, and expect to be assisted and given the utmost service possible…Creative discussion…..

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” Agency allows me to be involved in the things I love “

Fashion Industry Judging Panel Member

THE CARTON – Student Runway – PFF 2012

PFF_ Perth Fashion Festival _ Western Australia

2012 CARTON winners _ Nicole Marrington _ Jessica Hogg _ Sam Donaldson _ opened the Student Runway and set the tone for an amazing array of design talent.

‘ THE CARTON ‘ sponsored by INGWE along with JENNIFER GAYE agencies.


JAPAN _ June 2012

Invited to Japan, as guest Designer and Australian Textile Agent, along with Textile Direction Coordinator from LOUIS VUITTON.

CLIENTS & Collaborations

SBK | Ozawa Textile Co. | Naigai Orimono Co. | Zoe wall | Tindale accessories | Alena Warm | Flight of Femmes | NecArT | Tania Covo | Chevron ‘Women Leaders of the future program’ | Image Intelligence | NO TOAST | The Fremantle Fashion collective FFC2015 | Songy Knox | Leeuwin Estate | Eagle Bay Brewing Co. | Inner Ego | Raw Edge Furniture | Dyo . events | Morrison | Studio 124 | Akira Isogawa | …

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