‘OCEAN HOLLOW’ | ocean series

by textile artist Jennifer Gaye

Inspiration for Jennifer Gaye‘s latest work, is a continuation from her Ocean Series, which has been commissioned for a project in Scotland. The ocean, sea currents, movement, drew leading London based Art Consultant, Peter Millard of  Peter Millard and Partners to Jennifer’s textile work. 

With one of the tightest deadlines, two weeks and almost 70 hours later Jennifer’s artwork is now complete. The large commissioned “OCEAN HOLLOW” textile works have headed to London were they will be suspended in purpose made perspex boxes and wall-mounted, so they may be viewed for all their ocean inspired beauty. The location for these large works is yet to be disclosed…

“Image plays a large part in allowing the textiles to be reflected, recreating emotion and why photographing the work is also so important and part of the process.”

NEW | commission work | from ‘OCEAN HOLLOW’ | ocean series

Visual artistic direction for images  Jennifer Gaye  | Photographer Songy Knox

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J E N N I F E R   G A Y E

‘A relationship between textile design, a wearable form and its beauty as art.’

Born and raised in Western Australia, Jennifer Gaye developed her own techniques and voice in the creative world.

“ I am interested in the detail that comes from layering different textiles, to give depth and visual interest to a one-dimensional cloth. From the ocean to the sky reflecting relationships between the natural and an urban world, my works are born from a long love affair with textiles and design. Tone and colour play a large role in the visual feel and mood, as layers build, overlap, forming random and planned patterns.”

“Gold leave’s, cool breezes, ocean hollows, and currents tell stories as they reflect a calming innocence on our urbanity. By taking these inspirations from natures richness, vibrant and soft colourpalette and texture, recreating that emotion we embrace when we see that natural beauty.”

“Textiles as an art form, takes drawing and makes it a wearable and tactile form.”

| mixed media | textile | stitch | entwine | acrylic | form | art | wearable | collage | design |

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collection and new series of work



textile artwork & artistic direction for images directed by Jennifer Gaye  | Photographer Jennifer Gaye and Erick Regnard

“gold leaf and a cool breeze”

“Gold leaf and a cool breeze”; is the direction taken for my latest work. Taking inspiration from natures richness, vibrant colour and texture.

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‘a relationship between textile design and a wearable form’

| mixed media | textile | stitch | machine | hand | entwine | acrylic | form | art | wearable | canvas | collage | bead | design | textiles |


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