BANSHU-Ori Fashion Textiles

In a small Japanese city steeped in centuries of cloth-making tradition, the secrets of the Banshu-ori textile industry and the true value of fine fabric. can be found in Nishiwaki, a city in Hyogo Prefecture described as the navel of Japan and known for its high-quality, sustainable textile industry dating back to the late 1700’s. It’s a place here the quality of the fabric is literally in the water.

Banshu-Ori is the making of ancient cotton textiles by dyeing, weaving and finishing in one continuous production cycle. the soft water from a river near Nishiwaki helps the quality of the dye.

The fabric which can be very light or quite dense and also can be used all year round. The Japan’s Banshu-Ori textiles carry so much tradition and history and are treated with kindness and respect by those that produce them and use them.


BANSHU-Ori Upholstery Textiles

High-grade Japanese upholstery textiles through FEMMES studio | Jennifer Gaye agencies

UPHOLSTERY Grade BANSHU-Ori | Textiles for Interior Design / Decor / Soft Furnishings

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JAPAN _ March 2012

The first invited trip to Japan was to view the processes that are used to produce these exquisite Japanese cloths. During this trip Jennifer was lucky enough to  to meet with and spend time with, the Design Director from ISSEY MIYAKE.

‘ 100% Japanese organic dyed cotton Yarn and the dyeing process ‘…

‘ Warp ready for weaving Japanese organic cotton cloth ‘… ‘ Sorting the warp for weaving Japanese organic cotton cloth ‘…and ‘ Warp yarn on the loom ‘.

‘ Yarn dyed 100% Japanese organic cotton cloth ‘

Guests at ESMOD Fashion and Design School in Osaka, graduation show during THE BANSHU FASHION TEXTILE PROGRAM.